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I MOVED TO SAN FRANCISCO FROM LUCCA ITALY in 2009 after winning the green card lottery. I STARTED WORKING AS A BARISTA anD WAS DREAMING ABOUT the BOMBOLONI I had when I WAS A KID, I REACHED OUT to THE OWNER (WHO STILL REMEMBERED ME AS ONE OF HIS BEST CUSTOMERS.) i told him my dream about bringing a little taste of LUCCA BACK TO my new home in SAN FRANCISCO and he WAS HAPPY to teach me HOW TO MAKE his classic Bomboloni, Cannoli and Frati. when i got back to SF, I STARTED MAKING THEM by hand FOR MY FRIENDS and FROM THERE IT QUICKLY BECAME A BUSINESS selling wholesale, to coffe shops and more. WHENEVER I would deliver them, MY FRIENDS STARTED CALLING ME MISTER BOMBOLONI AND IT SOON BECAME MY NICKNAME AND LOGO. in 2011 I STARTED MY COMPANY LE BONTA ITALIANE and in 2015 my girlfriend and I had the idea of making them bite size and putting them on a stick in a cone. hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do. 

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